Writing Tasks to Engage and Inspire Students

There are many ways that writing teachers can inspire their students to write. By utilizing several tools, teachers not only allow their students to become more engaged in the writing process, but they, the students, can actually learn to enjoy it. Tasks to encourage and engage students in the writing process include creative tasks such as games, writing prompts the students can relate their own experiences to, video and picture prompts, and changes of scenery such as locating to a new venue such as the football field or gym to stimulate inspiration. Teaching writing does not have to be a difficult process, challenging yes, but not torturous or difficult.
The first mentioned task to inspire writing in students is using different games and prompts to engage the students. A game, such as a continuous story passed around the classroom by the students (this game begins with an introductory sentence for example: It was a dark and stormy night, and then each student adds one sentence to contribute to the story until it is a complete story that everyone has created), can engage students and cause them to learn without being boring.
With technology today, students need more constructive and unique ways to remain in the task at hand. Technology has turned the attention span away from literal activities away from a video game or phone screen. This challenge of constantly engaging students can be used to the teacher’s advantage. Technology provides several unique tools that can engage students even further. These can be prompts from a video, song, or movie clip, there are also different websites that can be provide different prompts and ideas for a writing teacher to use with their students.
The next mentioned task is to change the scenery to outside of the classroom. If the principal will allow class to take place outside, or in another portion of the school, this venue change can inspire a student. With an accompanying prompt, have the students seek out an inspiring portion of their surroundings, and have them write about that. This change can also cause students to break out. The confines of a classroom are enough to make any student shudder, but a change of setting can bring about positive results. It can be easy to engage students, but the tasks can sometimes become difficult to come up with. It is your job as a teacher to find new and exciting ways to keep the students interested.


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