WHY DON’T STUDENTS LIKE TO WRITE…and why don’t teachers understand? An introduction to our blog

Teachers everywhere are faced with the struggle of getting students more interested in writing. Why do they have this problem? Why can’t teachers figure out why their students don’t want to write? What can they do as teachers to make writing more interesting to their students?

As teachers we often forget that we were once students. Yes, some of us LOVED to write in school, even those irritating research papers on pointless topics. However, the vast majority of us didn’t enjoy writing about all the pointless and often irritating subjects we were assigned in high school. We forget this as teachers and so we continually assign the same dull and boring topics that our own students hate.

This is why students a majority of the time, don’t enjoy writing. They don’t enjoy the topics or the massive amount of three to four page papers that we ask them to write.

You may be asking questions like, “Can we fix this? What can we do? Will my students ever want to write?” Yes, we can fix this problem, This website will tell you what we can do, and not all of your students will want to write, but this website will show you ways to make it less miserable for your students. This site will give you resources outside of this website to use and ideas from several different sources and people. Writing doesn’t have to be all about long boring papers, it can be fun and entertaining for the students to write and the teacher to read. That is what this blog is all about helping you create fun and creative writing assignments to get your students to enjoy writing.


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