Trudy Butler Annotated Bibliography

Albers. Peggy.  Finding the Artist Within:  Creating and Reading Visual Texts in the English Language Arts Classroom.  Newark:  International Reading Association, 2007.  Peggy Albers’ work explains how visual texts “demonstrate students’ learning and achievement.”  She suggests that visual texts communicate “complex and telling” messages.  Albers’ work is an instructional guidebook for ELA students focusing on how visual arts can inspire students.

Gruwell, Erin and The Freedom Writer’s Foundation.  The Freedom Writer’s Diary:  Teacher’s Guide.  New York:  Random House, 2007.  Print.  Gruwell’s work is divided into four sections.  The first section titled “Engage Your Students” includes games and puzzles as well as art activities to encourage and motivate students.  The second section focuses on building strengths and foundations and is titled “Enlighten Your Students.”  The third section titled “Empower Your Students” contains self-evaluation forms and instruction.  Also included are ways to involve the community and families.  The fourth section titled “Helpful Resources” lists community support systems teachers can utilize.

Lane, Barry.  But How Do You Teach Writing:  A Simple Guide for All Teachers.  New York:  Scholastic, 2008.  Print.  Lane offers many insightful tasks to motivate and encourage writing throughout the book in “Try This” sections.  The book is divided into three sections.  The first section titled “Out of the Gate” explains concepts and ideas to motivate writing teachers.   The second part, “Reasons to Write,” includes “motivational concepts in fiction and nonfiction writing.”  The third section deals with revision, grammar, and assessment.  Lane includes many references to other texts on teaching writing. 18 March 2013. Web.  Language is a virus is a website designed to “cure writer’s block and inspire creativity.”   The site includes many writing games, writing exercises, and text generators.  Updated daily.

Neff, Luke.  WritingPrompts. 18 March2013.  Web.  Common core aligned writing prompts Neff uses in his classroom.  The site focuses on pictures and quotes-“Tell This Story”-to motivate and inspire students.  Includes line prompts to use in fiction like “Then the clouds opened and a light shone down on that exact spot.”  Includes writing prompts about reading, personhood, and education, etc.

National Writing Project:  Improving Writing and learning in the Nation’s Schools.  18 March 2013.  Web.  A network of university based sites dedicated to the teaching of writing.  Includes excerpts from like the awarding winning work 30 Ideas for Teaching Writing(2005) which offers “strategies for teaching writing.”  Each entry is linked to the  article where the essay originally appeared in NWP publications like The Quarterly.

Reynolds, Luke.  A Call to Creativity:  Writing, Reading, and Inspiring Students in an Age of Standardization.  New York:  Teachers College Press, 2012.  Luke Reynold’s work stresses the importance of creativity and of keeping the focus on students and learning rather than on passing yearly progress goals and increasing scores.  The goal of his book is to “show teachers how to be highly creative even when standards take top priority.


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